What Kind of Damage can Rabbits Cause?

Rabbits are herbivores, thus they can cause a number of damages to plants and other edible crops within their vicinity. Oakland County rabbits are known to feast on plants and fruits, including carrots and garden eggs. Rabbits can gnaw their ways through trees, and wreak havoc on plantations and orchards, and if a tree has a lower bark, rabbits can gnaw and completely remove such bark with their nails and sharp incisor teeth- this is a problem that can result in the collapse of a tree and when such trees are close to Michigan homes, they can cause serious damages to roofs, walls, windows or even cars and other properties nearby.

Rabbits can eat valuable plants and flowers in your garden, thus they can annoy people who love to prepare and tidy their gardens all day long. Aside eating plants and flowers, Oakland County rabbit droppings can cause offensive odour and taints to lawns and Michigan rabbits are known to leave fecal droppings in areas where they normally graze. Ornamental garden trees can be attacked, thus causing the owner to spend money in replacing such items.

Rabbits are known to inhabit unoccupied places such as decks, roofs, and sheds, they can chew electrical wires and cables with their incisor teeth, thus increasing the risk of fire accidents. When the sizes of Michigan rabbit burrows are not controlled, they pose serious risks to nearby home owners, similarly sick rabbits can pass serious diseases unto pets such as cats and dogs, especially when the population and activities of rabbits are not checked. Oakland County rabbits are known to chew anything with their teeth, they can cause serious damages to furniture and some other chewable home appliances.

Domesticated Oakland County rabbits are known to chew and break wooden cages , especially when they go hungry. Railways and motorways that are covered in embankments can also be affected by rabbit activities. Rabbits can burrow their ways through embankments of rails , thus causing the widening of such areas , especially when the rails are covered by vegetation, and this can lead to minor or major accidents such as derailments.

Wild Oakland County rabbits that get too close to homes are capable of chewing wooden materials close to the roof, and may eventually gain access into ceiling where they can build shelter and even raise colonies. Rabbits are often under-estimated when it comes to damages they cause to Michigan homes, and most times the damages they cause are gradual.

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