Where do Coyotes Live?

Coyotes are rarely found in urban Oakland County areas, thus they live in groups most especially in the wild. Coyotes are mostly native to Northern America; they can be found roaming plains and forests, as well as Deserts and mountains. Coyotes are more prominent in countries such as Canada, United States of America and Mexico; however the activities of humans, especially in the country sides have forced coyotes to move more closely to sub-urban areas in search of food.

Aside from the forests, hillsides, country sides, and mountains, Oakland County Coyotes have been found close to human populations, especially areas where there are rural farms, and suburbs. They can be found in regions where houses are very scarce but there is wide vegetation. Michigan Coyote’s skin and outer body can help them survive extreme winter conditions and this is why they can live or search for food at mountains or hills with thousands of feet above the sea levels.

Coyotes naturally prefer the open Michigan areas, though they can virtually inhabit any place. Coyotes will prefer the open deserts, Prairies. When coyotes inhabit some sparsely human populated areas, they do help in fragmentation and sprawling. The few Oakland County Coyotes that manage to make it into urban areas will prefer the shrubs as well as wooded patches because such places can provide some shelter and help them hide from people. Though they may migrate to urban areas, but most coyotes will avoid the residential and commercial regions.

Coyotes are known to be opportunistic in nature, especially when it comes to feeding, they are natural predators thus they can change their attention from garbage into other animals such as smaller pets. Oakland County Coyotes are natural scavengers, thus they can hunt for live animals such as rodents, deer, rabbit and some fruits. Though coyotes may live in groups but they are monogamous when it comes to mating. The male Michigan coyotes always help in the raising of new offspring, and they ensure that the young ones are nurtured until they are able to hunt for food and escape from predators.

Michigan Coyotes can live for between 13 and 15 years depending on their health and access to food and shelter. Though they do not burrow but are capable of scavenging in the woodlands, and their paws as well as feet can be used in hunting down prey effectively. Oakland County Coyotes can move from their suburban abode into larger cities especially when they are sick or when their homes have been destroyed.

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