How to Get Rid of Beavers

In many locations getting rid of Oakland County beavers does not include killing them. This means that ridding yourself of the beaver problem must be done through capturing and removal. After assessing the beaver situation, you will be able to determine as to whether or not a trap will be the most efficient manner. If this is so, the thing to do is to put the trap on the path that is most busy. You can find this by checking your trees to find any tree where bark removal is indicated. The live trap can be placed either there or near the area of a dam.

Another method of trying to remove the Oakland County beaver from your property is to follow the water trail. This involves finding a dam in your water location. Once found you can destroy the dam. You can indeed follow this for quite a length of time. Fencing can be another method to keep the beaver from off of your property specifically. The fencing will require mesh fencing that is to be at least 2 feet into the ground. This may keep the Michigan beaver off of your property however, you may still feel the effects through any water source you may have i.e. pond, stream or a lake. While you may have water source issues you will not have a problem with the destruction of your trees.

Beaver traps are different from other forms of traps used for capturing other Oakland County rodents such as squirrels or chipmunks. Your ability to find these traps is easy. However, putting the trap together is a completely different story, Follow directions carefully. A professional will be able to better employ different methods to relieve your property of Michigan beavers. With such limited ways to remove the potential damage caused by beavers it would be best to rely on your local professional. The specific use of a local Oakland County professional is because he/she knows the locations well enough to find the source of your problem.

Beavers are important to our ecosystems; therefore your locations local Oakland County authorities must first approve any attempts at removal. The most effective way of removing a beaver is trap it and to relocate it to an authorized location. All in all the ridding of beavers is a most difficult task, partly due to the restriction and partly to due to the ability of the Michigan beaver to make itself important to the land. Beaver problems and being rid of them is very difficult.

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